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History of Video Poker

Video Poker is just as popular online as it is in the real world at arcades and other similar land based gaming venues. Video Poker first appeared at some point in the 1970s and the game has always been based on five card draw poker, with the game being played out on a TV screen. As soon as online casinos started appearing, it wasn't long before the first Video Poker was created for the virtual world.

Video Poker varieties have continued popping up, but the actual layout and design for most of them has virtually remained unchanged. To some people, Video Poker games may appear quite basic to look at, but most versions still manage to attract just as many players today (if not more) as they did when they first appeared online.

How to Play Video Poker

Like most other casino games, all you have to do is select how much you would prefer to spend per hand and then hit draw to be dealt your first hand of five cards. Once you have been dealt you hand, you must then choose which cards you would like to hold in place and which ones you would like to discard. Once you have made this decision, the cards that you no longer want will be re-dealt.

The aim is to try and create a winning poker hand, so it helps to have a little bit of background knowledge about the different poker wins. Once the cards have been dealt, you will either win or lose and based on the strength or your new hand, your prize (if any) will correspond to the poker hand in the paytable. For example, a pair of tens or more is generally one of the lowest winning hands and you will probably win even money, whereas a royal flush could pay you hundreds to one (100:1 or more).

Strategy for Video Poker

The best strategy is to probably go with what the software recommends you should do on your next move because after you are dealt that first hand, most of today's online video poker software gives you a hint as to which cards you should hold or discard. If you are new to video poker, this is a very handy feature to have and take notice of.

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