Learning about Online Casino Tournaments

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Online casino tournaments are more ideal for the competitive minded player. These tournaments allow you to compete with as few as six other players up to as many as 1000 or more. There are mainly two different types of online casino tournaments and these are generally online slots tourneys or online blackjack tourneys.

All you have to do is pay the entrance fee and then you are normally given a starting amount of chips and a certain amount of time to play. The aim is to simply earn as many chips as you can during the allotted time and as soon as the timer reaches zero, the tournament will finish. Well, this is how most of today’s online casino tournaments work.

Entrance fees or ‘Buy-ins’ can range anywhere from as little as just $/€/£2.00 up to in some cases as much as $/€/£500.00 or more. As soon as you have purchased your buy-in, all you have to do is either wait for the tournament to fill up with enough players or wait for the scheduled time to arrive. Scheduled tournaments will always start at a certain time (providing at least the minimum amount of players have actually registered) and normal Sit’ n Go-style tourneys will begin as soon as the maximum amount of players have registered.

Depending on the size of the buy-in will therefore determine the prize structure. There could be as few as five or ten places paid, but other online casino tournaments could have prizes for up to as many as 100 or more finishing positions.

Some casino tourneys can last for just five or so minutes, whereas other have been known to go on for up to 24 hours, plus there are also various freeroll tournaments available at some online casino for new players. Occasionally entrance to these freerolls is handed out to the player as some kind of promotional offer. A growing number of the most secure online casinos now host some kind of tournament for you to take part in

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