Learn how to Gamble Responsibly

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The only way to gamble responsibly is make sure that you have plenty of self-control over your budget. Never gamble more than you can afford and only place sensible bets. Always betting on the outsiders is one sure way to lose you money fast or by playing on high stakes tables with a low balance is another way to watch your funds rapidly deplete.

You can set yourself daily, weekly and/or monthly deposit limits at an online casino, but you just as easily go into your account settings and raise this spending limit at any time, so if you don’t have any control over how much you spend, this adjustable limit-setting feature is basically pointless.

Consider how much you earn per week and how much out you can afford to set aside to have the occasional flutter on your favourite casino game. If you get paid $/€/£300.00 per week, you should first account for your daily/weekly expenditures such as food shopping and bills etc. Then you can figure out how much would be a sensible amount that you can afford to lose.

Perhaps just set aside $/€/£40.00 per week and then try your hardest not to exceed this amount, no matter how tempted you are. If you make a profit of just $/€/£10.00 (so a total of $/€/£50.00), you can keep the $/€/£40.00 for next week’s gambling and either withdraw the $/€/£10.00 or use that $/€/£10.00 to try and make an even further profit.

People often become too greedy and they are never satisfied with how much they win, which can have disastrous consequences. The best thing to do is trust your gut instinct and listen to when your inner-self is telling you to close the game. Gambling is meant to be fun so try not to let it consume you or take control in any way. There are now various organisations around today that can offer counselling and advice if you think that you or a friend has a gambling problem. If you find that you can’t gamble sensibly, you should really try to get outside help.

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